Moose Flanagan -

Lives on Alcatraz Island. He is obedient and lets just say isn't the favorite child.

Natalie -

Has autism, and is the star child. Goes to Esther P. Marinoff School.

Piper -

The warden's daughter. Is irresistible, is a brat. Very rude.

Dad (Mr. Flanagan) -

A very busy man. Electrician and Prison Guard. Does not spend much time with Moose.


Moose Flanagan-

He is the main character. Lives on Alcatraz Island and absolutely hates it. He is very obedient.


She is Moose's sister and she is Autistic. She goes to Esther P. Middle school.


She is the wardens daughter and very pretty BUT she's a brat and she is rude.

Dad(Mr. Flanagan)-

Moose's dad. He wants to spend time with Moose but is a very busy man. He's an electrician and a prison guard at Alcatraz


November 17, 2009

Mrs. McCraw [Pg. 29] - "I can't help if your mom cant see the forest for the trees. She's got one good boy, why not focus on him? But no, she goes on these wild-goose chases. It's too bad the child is sick. But cut your losses. No use throwing good after bad."

My Thoughts - I find this quote funny and kind of ironic because what she is saying is true...Well true in my eyes anyways. Moose's mother really does focus on Natalie so much more than him and why? Moose has always been the obedient one and always "tries to stand out." Moose's mother really should pay attention to Moose just a little bit more.

November 19, 2009

Moose [ Pg. 48] - "I cant stay late or they lock the cell house door. Gotta watch out for that. Nobody's home late on Alcatraz. Nobody gets bad grades either or ther chain you up."

My Thoughts - I wonder why they just let him out to play. I know that he isn't a prisoner, but it just shocks me that they trust that no one else MIGHT be away. And when I say no one else, I mean prisoners. Someone might just sneak out and leave. I guess I can kinda understand that "no one is home late" but it just seems weird to me

December 2, 2009

Dad [Pg. 64] - "Moose," "Will you go with your mother?"

My Thoughts - I find it kind of ironic how Moose's mother doesn't really do anything for Moose, but Moose helps out his mom a lot. Well, Moose is a very polite kid and I would hate for him to hate his mom so it's all up to him for what he thinks.

- Gabriel Sarto

Piper p.20 "Is she retarted, your sister is she retarded?"

What i think- I think it is really rude of piper to have made that comment, asking if Natalie was retarded. What if she was retarded, Piper, she wouldn't want someone walking up to her and asking rudely if she is retarded. I don't think just walking up to the person and asking them if they are special is nice, especially if you don't know the person. Its just common sense to be polite and not ask those types of questions.
I can relate to that because once someone I didn't even know came up to me and my sister and asked is she dumb? I got so mad with that person that I felt like I was going to punch them because I do not like it when people make fun of my family or call them names. Its total disrespect to just ask things like that.
-Douglas Acevedo

After the bell rings I catch up with Piper in the hall outside.
"I thought we weren't supposed to talk about Alcatraz?" I say.
" Why did you then?" Piper asks.
I open my mouth to answer but no words come out. Why did I anyway? " Because you did." I finally spit out
" Because I did? Isn't that the sweetest thing?" Piper smiles at me. Page. 46
This just shows what a evil girl Piper is. It shows that shes a sneaky and is a little brat. She wants to get him in trouble or something. Moose should expect sneaky little tricks like that from Piper. She has a fake sweet little innocent girl personality but on the inside shes EVIL!

"Hey, look its the Alcatraz guy."
I guess that this is sort of the reputation that Moose wants to have because he wants to make friends. He wants to be special, he wants to be recognized as somebody.
-Moises Bustamante

I don't know what time it is when we walk across the parade grounds to the west stairwell


This book takes place on a small island called Alcatraz. This is a high maximum security prison. It is located in San Francisco.