The setting takes place most likely in California during the 1970's

she went to a party and they put LSD in her drink and from her experience.She was interested about the other kinds of drugs, and it's just a Roller Coaster ride from then on. She starts getting into many problems including getting hooked on to tranqulizers, sleep pills, losing her virginity, and she started to smoke pot. Soon they run away to San Francisco and look for jobs to make money to start their own job in Berkeley. They earned their money then found a floor apartment close to the shop they want to make.

The main character's name hasn't been said
Chris- she goes to the same high school as the main character does and the main character feels very connected with her. They ran away with each other to San Fransico but she isn't mentioned much after the second half of the book.
Mr.Mellani- the main character's boss until she quit but now they are good friends