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Katie is the main character of the book. She is very attached to her sister Lynn and she depends on her for a lot of things.
Lynn is Katie's older sister. Katie depends on her because Lynn is very independent and brave.
Uncle Katsuhisa is Katie's dad's brother. Lynn thinks that he's kind of weird and he kind of is. He has weird habits but can be a good guy.

"I knew this was because she liked for me to be happy." (pg. 23)
I love how strong the bonds between Lynn and Katie are. They're so close and they really are more than sisters, they're like each other's living halves. It's amazing how close they are. I wish I could have that inseparable connection with my sister like how they both have with each other. I love seeing this in the book because now a days not many sisters are this close to each other. Most sisters these days fight and don't get along to well with each other. I love this passage especially because it really shows the strong bond between the two. -Breanne Familara [:

"I shifted Sammy's head in my lap. He looked so cute."(p.92) - They seem like a tight family. They play together, they eat together and they get along really well. I'm so jealous of them. I wish that my family is like that. I don't really see a lot of families like that. It's to bad that they're going to fall apart because of Lynn's sickness. I wonder how they'll get through this one. -Angel C.

"I loved that word! When I grew older, I used kira-kira to describe everything I liked: the beautiful blue sky, puppies, kittens, butterflies, colored Kleenex. My mother said we were misusing the word; you could not call a Kleenex kira-kira. She was dismayed over how un-Japanese we were..."
I really can relate to how Katie acts because even at my age I act like a little kid misusing words in my own language. I love how her mom is like that because I can relate. Her mom wants her to be very proper and use things correctly. I just love the fact how she describes almost everything as something wonderful. I see it that way because kira-kira is shining or glittering, and makes me feel like every things magical and wonderful. -Breanne Familara [:

"Sammy thought she was stupid too." I see it's hard for Sammy and Katie to accept that they're not her only best friends now. I wish they could accept Lynn's new best friend Amber but their jealousy is in the way of looking past her title of being the "new" best friend. They're just jealous, and hopefully they will soon understand that everyone must grow up. I think it's sort of cute cause they're little and they're sad that big sister isn't there to play with them anymore. If I were in their position I probably would have felt the same. The time when my sister started school, I felt like that too because she wouldn't talk to me anymore. I got used to it, and now we talk sometimes, but we both have our own friends. It's only a matter of time before they get their own friends. -Breanne Familara [:

"When we returned home, we were surprised to see Lynnie in bed." p. 98- That must have been when she began to get sick like what the back of the book said. I wonder what Katie must have thought. She seems like the type that would get worried about here sister. She did save her one from that viciouse dog on p.4. -Angel Camello

(p.188) "He shook his head. 'I still remember when I could bribe you for half a stick of gum.'" - That's so funny. I still remember when I could also still be bribed with a stick of gum and i didn't even like gum. Everyone goes through that stage. I'm glad that my little cousin is still going through it too. The uncle must have been really disappointed that Katie was growing up. I wonder if Lyn ever did that to Katie. I know that my sibling have. - Angel