Stargirl~ She is the main character and also the narrator. She is weird and different from anyone else. She's a teenager who writes letters about her day to her boyfriend from another town. She has a pet rat name, Cinnamon.

Dootsie~ She's a little girl who always wanders around from time to time. She thinks she can be invisible and starts to hang out with Stargirl. She likes Stargirl's pet rat, Cinnamon.


She misses her boyfriend, Leo and she makes these letters to him about her problems and what happens during her day. She wonders if he likes her back. She also meets people who has problems and who are very bizarre.

Quotes (Adriana Ortiz&Vida Francisco):

"she stomps the donuts like she used to stomp puddles when she was little" Pg. 28

This makes me feel like this girl has problems. Not problems personally, but problems at home or at school. I bet she was taking her anger out in the pile of donuts. I think she needs to be open to friends and such and needs to stop having a bad attitude. I feel as if I can somewhat relate to her. Sometimes I feel stressed or angry and I feel like I need to punch (or stomp) on something. It helps to get my anger out, so I see why the girl, Alvina, does that. She must have stress or chaos in her life. Luckily, Stargirl may help to lighten up her mood. I hope she does.

Alvina thinks as herself as a really ugly & mean girl and is always negative. She doesn't seem to have any friends and she seems left out in school or at home. Stargirl writes a poem about her and she metaphor this poem of her stomping with her anger bottled up inside herself. Stargirl knows that deep down inside Alvina, she is a nice girl who is positive about everything.. especially herself. I think Alvina's been bullied before and now she bullies to others.. kind of like what goes around comes around. And I think that if I were Stargirl.. I would try to hang out and get to know her better and try to change her to a nice person that she will eventually find deep down.

Quote (Vida Francisco)~

"Leo! Save me from my empty wagon!" pg. 42

Stargirl has been missing Leo since she moved to Pennsylvania. She writes lots of letters to him and it seems that he doesn't respond back. Starigirl loves Leo but she isn't sure if he likes her back. Her happy wagon is not full of pebbles.. just a few. If I were Stargirl.. I would try to call Leo and hear his voice. I think she shouldn't think about him for ONE DAY! She can survive without boys like Leo. GIRL POWERRRRRRR STARGIRL!!! (=

Quote [Adriana Ortiz]:

"Under each tombstone lay a memory, a dead day." pg. 34

Stargirl is talking about at the cemetery. When Stargirl passes by that cemetery, it reminds her of her relationship Leo that she had, but now that relationship is "dead". There was a man who was sitting on a chair next to a tombstone named Charlie who's wife died. Its ironic because Stargirl also misses her boyfriend Leo and they're probably only dated for about a year while Charlie and his wife were probably married for 30 years or so.

P. 2 "alone on the top of that hill, in the middle of that "empty" feild ( ha!- write this down,Leo: nothing is empty), I felt as if the universe radiated from me, as if I were standing on the X that marked the center of the cosmos. Until then i had done my daily meditation in many different places in and around town,but never here."
I think that she feels that no matter where you are there is no place that has nothing in it or has an empty lot. She is using a metaphor i think to describe that if you imagine and just take the time you could feel like your in the middle of the world and i think that's what she is feeling. I believe this is describing her personailty. How maybe she is creative and how to likes to travel to new places. Also she likes to have peace in the world so she meditates.

P. 11 " Does she ever cry when she is lost? Never. So she doesn't think she is lost. Far as she is concerned, she's never been lost in her life. And there's nothing she can't do. She thinks she's thirty-five."
I think that her mom is worried for her daughter but her daughter thinks that she can't get lost and she is older. I feel bad for her mom because I bet she loses her daughter a lot and it is hard to keep track of her. Which isn't a good thing because she loves wandering everywhere. She doesn't realize all the bad things that can happen and that is why her mom hates the thought that she can unlock the front door and her daughter wanders everywhere, Her mom even lost her at the beach which must've been really scary because everybody goes to the beach and i bet it was hard to find her daughter.

P. 50 "someday i hope to be as a good a mother as she is."
I think this quote is good because she appreciates her mom and everything she does for her. It also shows that she is close to her mom and she has a healthy relationship with her.

P. 51 " I'm a meddling, nosy, interfering, inconsiderate, intruding busybody."
It shows that maybe she was angry that the man didn't take the doughnut and maybe she thought he wanted to be left alone.Since she was curious though she wanted to leave him a doughnut and he didn't take it which made her feel like she was just doing it to be all those things which mad her fell bad. This shows she is creative and takes risk but when something goes wrong that she takes it out on herself.

Quotes~ (Vida & Adriana O.)

"He was sputtering bloody noises at Alvina, who glared at him with a hatred I've never seen on a human face before, not even at Mica High last year" pg. 54

Stargirl hasn't seen anyone girl who is very mean and like a bully. She knows that everyone doesn't like her because she is a hatred person who doesn't have a kind heart. I think that Alvina is like this because she doesn't care about what other people thinks about her and she doesn't care wether or not they accept her as a person. It's Stargirl's first time seeing someone who is like this and she had met all these people she knows who are kind & friendly.

Stargirl saw hatred from Alvina that she hasn't even seen at her old school because Alvina seems heartless and he has an empty heart. She won't open up to people and when someone does something bad, she blows up and gets in all kinds of predicaments--such as fights. The boy who stared at Alvina was probably tired at her attitude and he encouraged the fight to start.

Quotes™ [Adriana O&Vida F..]

"I never had change because as soon as I got some I would toss it onto the sidewalk to be found. What happened to that Stargirl?" pg. 45

I think Stargirl has been obsessing way to much with boys. More specifically- Leo. She needs to believe in herself and realize that her life doesn't revolve around boys. I know there are a couple of girls like that in our class but I think they need to stop thinking about that "one boy" because they will just get their hearts broken just like Stargirl. There is more to life than just boys. I don't stress over them much and neither should Stargirl. I think in this passage, she finally realizes that. :)

Stargirl shouldn't be thinking about guys day&night. She should hang out with her friends and get her minds off of things. I think she should realize that girls don't need guys in their lives at this age because their way young and it could cause drama and if she gets'll change her life. Probably. I used to stress about guys just like her and I still do.. but at least I'm not thinking about a certain one at this time or yesterday&the future.

Quotes: [Adriana O& Vida]

"'I hate boys,' commented Alvina.
'Boys are rats,' said my father.
'Hey! I happen to be the mother of a rat!' I said.
'Sorry, forgot. Boys are weasels.'" pg. 170

I think Stargirl's dad means that boys can be mean at times. They can also be jerks! But, he used the wrong comparison. He forgot about Cinnamon. I don't think weasel is a good metaphor either because I don't see the bad in a weasel. Maybe a snake would be good because a snake is slippery and isn't easy to catch. Plus, when you do catch it, it is hard to hold on to and you'll have to set it free.

Alvina hates boys probably because they would always reject her and be so rude to her. She doesn't care about them no more and think of them as enemies. I think she should give them a chance and see a nice person they are. Maybe Alvina liked a guy but he rejected her and from that day forward, she hated them since. Even though guys can be jerks, they can also be your "big brother".

Quotes: [Vida & Adriana O.]

"Dootsie is not 100% happy though." pg. 203

Over time, problems and drama has occurred and Stargirl had a lot of situations that she has been going through and that maybe she doesn't have that much of a time to hang out with Dootsie or not putting much effort to play with Dootsie and she isn't really happy about that. Plus, she's being out of control more than ever so it isn't like her to do that. Unless she eats and drinks lots of sugar.

Dootsie is usually happy, hyper, and/or overactive. When she isn't that happy, she must be jealous or bored. A lot of times, Dootsie hangs around Stargirl, but Stargirl gets "curious" and follows Perry ( a boy she meets later in the book). Of course, Dootsie is just a little girl who can easily get distracted and amused. Also, easily bored.