Godbee: is a grandmother of Matha Boyle.
Was a shy person and she was very quiet and she did not know Martha that well but she wishes she could get to know her.
Vince:is the big brother of Martha and Lucy Boyle. One year older than Martha, and she was born on her brother's birthday.
- Miguel
Martha Boyle: is part of a family of a little sister and a big brother. Her dad is Godbees son and her mom is having a hard time with her dad. unremarkable girl, a loner with averted eyes, clinging to the lockers when walking down the hallways at school.



The setting was near the Atlantic ocean close to the East coast.
She is there with her family to visit her grandmother named Godbee.


Martha was still alive: she had not surge into flames,
and the earth hadn't opened up beneath her feet and swallowed
her whole.-

Summary: Even though Martha and olive weren't friends, Martha cant stop thinking about Olive.