•Hollis Woods: Is the main character. She is an orphan who has been to so many foster homes. But she runs away fro, She is twelve-years old and an artist. She is what you may call a trouble maker.
•Josie Cahill: A retired art teacher, an elderly artist. She is quirky and affectionate. The only problem is that she gets more and more forgetful everyday.
•Mustard Lady: She is someone from the agency who takes Hollis to different homes, when it's time.
•The Regans Family: These people are the only people that actually offered Hollis Woods a home. Hollis spend the summer with them and then ran away from them. It is still unknown why she ran away from them but she loves them and love her.
Setting: The setting seems to be a flashback, during the summer at the Regan's house. Which is just a family she ran away from. The book never says where exactly, but it's near the Delaware River. The other setting there is, though, is some where near the ocean where Josie and Hollis live. Also the time place is this time. But everything is in the east.
Conflict:The conflict in this story, so far, is that Josie is getting older. And by that, she is getting more and more forgetful each day. This is not good for Hollis, she has to try to hide it from Social Services.
•"For the first time in my life, I thought, I'd really have to go to school." [p.54]
This means that Hollis has to make a sacrifice and got to school for Josie. If she doesn't go to school, the social services will make her go to another place. But she already bonded with Josie. Anything to stay with Josie.
•"I've never been needed before. Or wanted? asked a voice in my head." [p.56]
To Hollis, being needed is something that hasn't really happened to her before. And being wanted is something that maybe means more to Hollis than she even knows.
•"Save Josie. That's why."
Hollis was thinking of the past where some lady tossed her doll away from Hollis. She told the doll she will save it later. Then she wondered why she thought of that flash-back. Then she realized that she had to save Josie. The "mustard" lady wants to
separate them for Josie is becoming more forgetful.
•"The last weekend. Last."
This quote was said during one of Hollis's past memories with the Regans. It is the last week when at this moment everyone is laughing, smiling, and having fun. Until Izzy, the mother, said that it was the last weekend. That made Hollis think. The last weekend. Last. •"What do you know about a family?", Steven said in my mind, "You've never had one." [p. 150] Hollis finally figured it out, that Old Man, Steven's dad, never hated Steven. He always loved him. They just fought a lot. She ran away thinking that she ruined their family, but she didn't.
•"You're a snowman!" [p.128] Hollis just came back from being outside too long. She is freezing cold and covered in snow. When she went inside the house, on the porch, Josie told her that phrase.
By Natalie Ortiz
Quote: " Just get used to the darkness. In a minute you'll see it all.[pg.91] This quote meant that after they get some rest from a very tiring, long trip they will be able to experience and enjoy everything they would see around. By Irene Zuniga 12/8/09 By: Irene Zuniga [pg.116] " Painting. It's warm where she is, I said. This quote means that Beatrice loves to paint and at anytime she would be painting in her home instead of being with everyone in a party especially if the weather is very cold. 12/9/09 By: Irene Zuniga [pg.129] Quote: "We'll have Christmas her too. I'll set everything up after we eat, I told her.'' It was in Christmas time and Hollis left and Beatrice was getting homesick. Josie decided that it would be a good idea if they would have there own little party and spend a good time even though Beatrice missed being home and that it would be just the two of them. 12/15/09 [pg.141] " I know you want to go home.'' I said,a jumble of thought in my mind. When this quote was said when Josie was still with Hollis and Beatrice celebrating the Christmas season. And Beatrice was missing her home and she wanted to go back home because she makes cookies for Christmas and she also makes popcorn for movie nights. 1/5/ 2010: [ By:Irene Zuniga] Quote "Sometimes we learn from our own drawings; things are there that we didn't know." . It is still in Christmas time, and Josie, Beatrice, Izzy, Old Man, Steven, and Henry the cat had gotten together and Josie had drawn some pictures and Beatrice saw the picture she drew. And the quote that Beatrice told Josie means that when we draw pictures and see them after, you can learn from a mistake, or learn how to make a picture look better. Also we realize things we may not of recognize before. 1/7/2010 [ Irene Zuniga] Quote: '' Smells good, doesn't it ? Just open your eyes, take a sip, and talk to me." Hollis wanted to learn more about Santa and he was going to come soon. Josie fell asleep while Hollis asked her questions and she made hot chocolate to try to wake her up. 1/12/10 [By: Irene Zuniga] Quote: " " Josie wants to come home. She remembers home, but she forgets so much else." (pg. 161) Josie and Hollis were coming to celebrate Christmas back home with everyone else because they had left to paint a desert. Although there was a problem they missed home and everyone else so much, and they would both go back to Josie's home. 1//14/10 [By: Irene Zuniga] Quote: " If she loved that house so much she'd be with us right now." (pg.156) Josie misses her home because she knows that she had left a place she enjoyed, and loved being and she would also be there celebrating Steven's Birthday. 1/19/10 Quote: " You don't know about about families yet." [pg.158] This quote meant that Old Man is not ready to have a family because he is always arguing with someone, and they aren't happy and peaceful, but Hollis figured out that he liked Old Man.