1) ''i started crying. that wasnt surprising at all , but rowdy started to cry too, and he hated that. he wiped his eyes, stared at his wet hand, and screamed. i'm sure that everybody on the rez heard that scream. it was the worst think i'd ever heard.''
junior decides that he is going to make something of his life and move to rearden the white school. all the indians on the rez, including rowdy, takes that as betrayal and cant believe it. junior is no longer considered his best friend, nor a member of theyre tribe, he is now an outcast, the one who turned his back on his own friends and family.
2) '''yea but you punched the alpha dog in the face.'' she said. ''theyre going to repect you''
when junior arrives at the school hes an outsider and no one knows what to think. of course like any normal teenages they picked on him. the group of big guys were calling him names, espiecally the biggest one and after a while junior had enough so he punched him. now hes scared hes going to get killed by them so he asks his grandma for advice. when she says this he thinks shes crazy and goes back to worrying that death is around the corner for him.
3) ''and he certainly helped me through school. he not only tutored me and challenged me, but he made me realize that hard work- the act of finishing of completeing, of accomplishing a task- is joyous.''
after a long time of just being ignored at school and having no friends he decides to approach a guy name gordy to ask if he would like to be his friend. after a bit of skeptism, he opens up to junior and theyre start to get to know eachother. gordy is the one of the smartest kid in the school and after junior becomes friends with him he find joy in actually doing his work the the feel of happiness u get when u accomplish something. they move on to be very close friends but deep down inside junior knows that he could never replace the missing friendship he used to have with rowdy
4) ''she was in pain and i loved her, well sort of loved her, i guess, so kind of had to love her pain.''
after finding penelope crying in the bathroom he asks her what is wrong and when she shares it with hi he comforts her. they start talking and getting to know eachother. after a while penelope starts to further their friendship into something more and are seen holding hands. i guess yiou couls say that they are kind of a thing and he knows hes not completely in love with her but thats not going to keep him from caring about her]
(Elisa Walrath)