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Pakistan in the 1990s, terrorism in the rise


Greg Mortenson- He is a mountain climber from the USA. He grew up in africa. He is ambitious, adventurous, and has a soft spot for kids. He gets lost easily.

Haji Ali- Village Elder, very wise, caring, illiterate, lives in Korphe, one of the wealthier poor people


Greg is climbing a mountain called K2 and he gets lost, takes a wrong turn and ends up in Korphe. The villagers their are very welcoming to the "strange American," especially the children. Greg later sees the frozen patch of the dirt that the children call school. This breaks his heart. Before he leaves to go America, he promises Haji Ali that he will return to build Korphe a school. In the process of building the first school, Greg, with the help of Jean Hoerni, founds the Central Asia Institute which is an organization that will build schools in the Middle east and surrounding areas. The main conflict is Greg against all the challenges he faces running the CAI (central-asia institute) and building schools for boys and girls in part of the world where most Americans aren't welcome, and where most people believe girls are not to be educated.

-Marisa P.

"Holding a test on which his daughter had gotten a perfect score, Aslam said, 'For these blessings, I thank Almighty Allah and Mr. Greg Mortenson.' " (page 106)

When I read this, I thought "Wow, this guy is really making a difference." If he hadn't ever decided to build a school, that girl would have never had a shot at anything more than being just another villager. Now she has the potential of a real job, or even staying in her community to become an educated leader. Pakistan is an area in the world where most girls don't get educated. Greg Mortenson has the guts to go to a part of the world that is largely Anti-America and change things. He is giving young girls and boys the chance to make something of themselves, to become more than just a farmer. This girl was expected to do nothing more than clean the house, cook the food, tend to the fields, and marry someone. Thanks to Greg Mortenson she will become successful. She has a great life coming her way. This girl is smart, without the help of Greg Mortenson, she would have been robbed of all the possibilities an education would've provided her with.

-Marisa 11.17.09

"'I wish that Westerners who misunderstand Muslims could have seen Syed Abbas in action that day' Greg said. 'They would see that most people who practice the true teachings of Islam, even conservative mullahs like Syed Abbas, believe in peace and justice, not in terror'" (page 108)

At that point in the book, Syed Abbas was trying to find a way to bring water to an isolated village in Pakistan. The quiet man was desperately running around trying to find a place to dig for water. Why did he do this? That particular village needed help. The village he was in was far away from any source of water. He was trying to help them. A lot of people stereotype Muslims as terrorists because of the rise of terrorism in the Middle East. I think if US citizens who think all Muslims are terrorists read this passage they would have to rethink stereotyping Muslim people. This guy was trying to harm anyone, he was helping people in need. That doesn't like a terrorist to me.

-Marisa 11.19.09

"Despite his disappointment, he couldn't feel angry at the people of Korphe.Of course they needed a bridge. How was he planning to build his school? Carry every board, every sheet of corrugated tin, one by one, in a rickety basket swaying dangerously over the Braldu? Instead he felt angry at himself for not planning better. He decided to stay in Korphe until he understood everything else he had to do to bring the school to life." (page 103, Chapter 9: The People Have Spoken)

(Adrianna's Quote)

Here's Greg, ready to build a school, he's got all the supplies, he has worked so hard to get to this point, and then he's told that he needs to build a bridge before he can even start a school. He spent a long time getting ready to build a school, and now he's told that he has to wait and find some way to build a bridge. That had to be a big let down. But despite that, he still continues his quest to give Korphe something they need. Adrianna was right, it does prove how much he cares. Most people don't make an attempt to help, Greg on the other hand, had given up so much for these people and now he is going to give up more. Back in the US, he was living in a car! Everything he had, he sold to raise money for the people of Korphe. Now, he is willing to give up even more time and energy to build a bridge for Korphe. How many people would do that?

-Marisa 11.30.09

"He realized that his cheeks felt tired, and then he understood why–he'd been smiling for days."

(p. 65)

(Diana's Quote)

At this point in the book , Greg had just met, fell in love with, and married his wife. I think its really cool that this happened so fast and and how their marriage ended up working out in the end. Most people are together for years, or at least a couple months, before they get married, but Greg and his wife were together for just barely a week! It awesome how it happened so fast for him, because he is constantly going between the USA and the Middle East. I'm sure neither Greg, nor his wife, expect to fall in love and get married in just 6 days.

-Marisa 12.03.09

"The old man's eyes were damp with tears. 'And we have nothing, for your mal-la khwong, for your kindness in fulfilling our prayers, I can offer you nothing,' Mullah Gulzar said. 'Not even tea.'" (p.110)

Right now in the book Greg is agreeing to help a very poor village. Greg has gone to the people who need his help the most. This village needs water, food, medicine, and schools. Greg is there to help. What is he getting in return? NOTHING, except the satisfaction of helping someone. Korphe was able to at least offer him tea. But this village is so poor they can't even do that. So this quote proves why Greg is in the Middle-East, to help people because they need help, not because he's getting rewarded.

-Marisa 12.08.09

"Now that we have made such progress, not a single person in this area believe women should not be educated." (p.122)

That was said by Aziza after she finished her 6 months of basic medical training. She is now able to provide treatment and cures for basic diseases that were deadly. She is going to save many lives. Her village used to be against educating women, now they aren't. So Greg is saving lives, providing children with an education, and improving the quality of life for people. Go Greg! When I read that I was happy for all the girls who will get the privilege of an education. Its kind of funny how like somedays I really wish I didn't have to go to school, like I take it for granted, but in the Middle-East some people don't get to go to school and they want to. Those people never get an education and they spend their lives growing crops. In the US, everyone gets an education, and look where we are. We have houses, and clean water, laptops, and what not. But in 3rd world countries, most kids don't an good education and they are extremely poor. So maybe if everyone got an education, the world would be a better place.

-Marisa 12.10.09


Mountain climber named Greg Mortenson comes across the poverty-stricken Pakistan village of Korphe after an unsuccessful try to climb K2, the world's second highest mountain. After being taken in with much hospitality by the villagers, he vows to come back & build a school for them. The locations are Pakistan & the United States. The time period is in 1993.


Greg Mortenson - A middle-aged American mountaineer who was raised in Africa. He is very fond of children. He worked for the U.S. military as a medic, so he has knowledge & experience on medicine. He had a sister who died from epilepsy in 1992. He dedicated his attempt at K2 to her.


Greg struggling to get the money in order to build a school at Korphe.

- Adrianna D.


A mountain climber named Greg Mortenson attempts climbing K2 (For the his sister who has passed away. He wanted to put her amber necklace on the mountain.) but he takes the wrong turn and ends up in a Korphe, a poor village in Pakistan. The people there take such good care of him that he makes a promise to them. That promise was that he'd come back and build the children there a school because their "school" was so horrible.


Greg Mortenson- A mountain climber in the US. He was raised in Africa and worked at a hospital in SF. He's very passionate about kids.


He needs money, but it's very hard for him to get it. But when he does get it, the people in Korphe need a bridge. Therefore he needs to go back home and once again try to get money for their bridge.

- Diana

November 17, 2009

"Pull yourself together, Greg," Reichardt said. "Of course you've hit a few speed bumps. But what you're trying to do is much more difficult than climbing K2."

(p. 47)

When I read this, I was thinking about how that there might be bumps in the road and that things will work out. You may not know how, but they will. How Reichardt said that what Greg was doing was more difficult than climbing K2 was pretty amazing just because K2 is the


highest mountain on the Earth. But what he did and what Greg is doing probably balances out the same because Reichardt did something that was tough for others and Greg is doing something that is helping a lot of people, yet takes a lot to do. Greg felt like he failed, but really, he didn't. He went through

a lot.

Like losing almost everything he had. But I think everything will turn out for the better. I can feel what he felt even though it hasn't happened to me.

- Diana

"What he heard hurt him more than his fall. At the same hour that Greg was crashing down Mount Sill, his mother opened Christa's bedroom door to wake her from the trip they'd planned for her twenty-third birthday, to the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa, where the movie had been filmed. "When I went to break her, Christa was on her hands and knees like she was trying to get back into bed after goig to the bathroom," Jerene says. "And she was blue. I guess the only good thing you could say is that she had died so quickly of a massive seizure that she was just frozen in place." (page 45, Chapter 4: Self-Storage)

I can only imagine how much pain Greg had to go through. Not only was he injured & confined in the hospital but he also heard that his beloved sister had passed away the precise hour he got hurt. Reading this made me feel scared because its proof that anything can happen at any time. I've had experiences like this before myself, like getting a play thing damaged by my little sister while I was in school getting a lecture, but I'm pretty sure its no where near what happened to Greg. I have someone very close to me currently dealing with an illness like he did at that time. Though its really something I don't think about often, the thought of them suddenly disappearing came to my mind. Precious things like people you love can be nonexistent in a flash, in his case without even knowing it for a moment. Only God knows when things begin & end.

- Adrianna D.

[November 17, 2009]

"Despite his disappointment, he couldn't feel angry at the people of Korphe.Of course they needed a bridge. How was he planning to build his school? Carry every board, every sheet of corrugated tin, one by one, in a rickety basket swaying dangerously over the Braldu? Instead he felt angry at himself for not planning better. He decided to stay in Korphe until he understood everything else he had to do to bring the school to life." (page 103, Chapter 9: The People Have Spoken)

At this moment, he was told that Korphe needed a bridge in order for a school to happen so that there can be easy access to it. Greg is distressed, but he understands that it can't be helped. It really shows that he really cares about the education of Korphe's children, and is willing to do anything just to keep his promise of building a school. Its really amazing how involved he is. He sacrifices his time and money to make other people become literate. I'm pretty sure most people won't even bother to help.

- Adrianna D.

[November 19, 2009]

November 19, 2009
"He realized that his cheeks felt tired, and then he understood why–he'd been smiling for days."

(p. 65)

Reading this made me so happy. His new love made him so happy that he couldn't stop smiling. He said he had been smiling for days meaning that he has been smiling for the longest time. I find this amazing and so cute. He fell in love with his wife so fast. This just taught me that anything could happen.


Especially when you least expect it to. I'm sure Greg definitely didn't think this would happen. God works in ways that are so good, I can't even put it into words.

- Diana

"Mortenson asked his countryman if he would consider doing him a favor. "I was feeling out on a limb in Korphe, operating all by myself," Mortenson says. "And I wanted these people to feel like it wasn't just me, that there were a bunch of other Americans back home concerned about helping them." (page 123, Chapter 10: Building Bridges)

Greg was referring to George McCown, a friend of his that he invited over to Korphe. He was telling George that he didn't want to take all the credit from building the school & helping the people because he kept in mind that it wasn't only him that contributed. From this statement, I could tell that he is a very humble person. Sure, he could've ignored it & took the praise for himself. But, he didn't do that. He was thinking about the people that helped him make this possible & made sure that they got the acknowledgement they deserve.

- Adrianna D.

[November 30, 2009]

"Holding a test on which his daughter had gotten a perfect score, Aslam said, "For these blessings, I thank Almighty Allah and Mr. Greg Mortenson." (p. 106)

Here, this girl from a valley where no girl was educated (she was the Hushe Valley's first educated woman) went to school when, everyone doubted that she would go far in life, tried her hardest at school, and got a perfect score on her test and was at the top of her class just like her father. She didn't let the people who said she would just end up working in the fields like every other woman get her down. She knew how much her father valued education so she ignored what everyone said and succeeded.

Greg is doing so much much for everyone in Pakistan. He has built lots of schools for the children. I think he's so dedicated and that's good. I learned that you can succeed in anything you set your mind to. You just have to work for it and not give up just because some people think you won't make it.

- Diana


"I can't read it," he said. "I can't read anything. This is the greatest sadness in my life. I'll do anything so the children of my village never have to know this feeling. I'll pay any price so they have the education they deserve." (page 153, Chapter 12: Haji Ali's Lesson)

Haji Ali is explaining to Greg how he can't read the Koran he has. He also tells him that he wants the children in his village to be educated no matter what, unlike him. Education is a really important factor of one's life. It gives you what you need in order to succeed in life. I'm very

grateful for being able to go to a really nice school because I know it'll help me later on. It makes me sad that some people don't even have the effort to study, even if they have the funds for it. Lots of kids out there want to learn while others don't even do their work & complain. In other words, education is not something everyone gets, unfortunately. Those who receive this gift should treasure it & think of how lucky they are to have an oppurtunity.

- Adrianna D.

[December 3, 2009]

"During his many visits to Pakistan over the years, Greg always tried to stop by Korphe and visit with Haji Ali. As he walked over the swaying bridge, Greg realized that the high point where Haji Ali awlays stood to greet him was empty." (p. 126)

At this point in the book, Greg was stopping by Korphe to visit his friend Haji Ali. But when he was walking across the bridge he noticed that Haji Ali wasn't there waiting for him. So Haji Ali's son then tells him that he has passed away. I felt bad for Greg because they were good friends. He's always give him great advice that taught Greg so much. He really cared for Greg, too. If I were Greg, I probably would have cried a lot. It would have felt like losing a family member because they did consider each other family.

- Diana

"Here was this strong, proud woman trying to do the impossible. Her school's boundary wall had been blown to rubble. The roof had fallen in. Still, she was coming to work every day and putting the place back together because she was passionate about education being the only way to solve Afghanistan's problems."

This is after a war, and this woman has had her school "blown to rubble" and she still comes every single day to try and fix it for the kids who need their education. I thought that this was really sweet that she really cares about the people who go there. She has such a giving heart and it would be nice if everyone was as passionate as she was. I think that other people should have been helping her out, too. I love how it seems like the people who have the least, are the most kindest, nicest people. Other people are kind a nice, but to me, it sticks out more when less fortunate people do just because they have less to give and still try to give the most they can.

- Diana