The Stetting:
The book Vampire Kisses takes place in a quiet town that the main character Raven Madison refers to as "Dullsville".

The Characters:
Raven Madison: A sixteen year old gothic girl who always wanted to become a vampire.

Alexander Sterling: A seventeen year old gothic guy whose family has just moved into the abandon mansion in dullsville known to be haunted.

Trevor: A rude high school jock who thinks he's all that.

The Conflict: Everyone judges Raven as a freak because of her appearance, once the Sterling's moved into the haunted mansion people began to start rumors of them being vampires because they are only seen out at night. Raven, always wishing to meet a vampire and become one, instantly became interested and wanted to go in the mansion to check it out. When she snuck in the mansion the son, Alexander Sterling caught Raven. Ever since Raven has been trying to get Alexander to say he's a vampire.

11/17/09 "Everyone already knew most everything that happened in Dullsville, and most of it wasn't worth knowing". 'Dullsville' is such a small town that everyone there knows everyone's business, but hardly anything interesting happens in this town so most things that happen aren't a big deal.

11/19/09 "I gave myself a once over, this was one time being a vampire would come in handy". After Raven put on her work clothes, she looked in the mirror but didn't want to see how she looked. She usually wore black clothes, and when she looked in the mirror and saw herself in her work clothes she was miserable.

12/1/09 "My flesh tingled with anticipation as I grabbed the corner of the blanket and slowly pulled it back". As Raven came across the three objects leaning against the wall, she was so anxious to know what was under it. Raven uncovered it only to see her reflection, it was just a mirror.

12/3/09 "Nerd Boy waved the red envelope in front of my face, taunting me at every turn". When Raven's younger brother found a red envelope that had a letter for Raven inside, he took the opportunity to torment her. He ran around with the letter refusing to give it to her. The only way Raven would get the letter was if she called her brother by his real name from then on.

12/8/09 "I wanted to know his whole life story. No matter how many years he had lived, seventeen or seventeen hundred". Raven wanted to know Alexander's life story, but her believing he is a vampire see didn't know if he was seventeen years old or seventeen hundred years old.