8th Grade Literature Circles

Getting Started

  • As you read the novel, you will be required to make posts to your group page with various assignments
  • 2 nights a week, you will need to pick out 2 passages from something read that week. Copy the passage into the document, put the page number next to it and then answer the question, "So What?" What does this mean, what does this remind me of, how did I feel when I read this, I can relate to this because, If I were one of the characters, I would) etc.
  • Posts must be at least 6-8 sentences not including the passage and must be done on an 8th grade level
  • When there is a specific assignment posted on your page by the teacher, each member of the group must respond and add and or contribute to the

Assignment 1 - November 12

What is the setting of the book you are reading? Who are the main characters (briefly describe) and what is the conflict or the issue that the story is dealing with?

Homework for Tuesdays and Thursdays

Post a passage and a response. Each member of the group must have at least one posted for each day. Remember to include your name after your post so that you can get credit for the assignment.